Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

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What is body language?

Body language refers to nonverbal communication expressed through physical movements, gestures, and postures.

It`s an important aspect of human communication and can convey messages easily and more accurately than spoken words alone.

Putting aside the fact that body language is sexy and romantic, it makes it easy for people who are shy to express their feelings. Some words are too heavy on the tongue, especially on those first dates.

But when you use body language, you can easily convey your message to your target. Body language can make men so attracted to a lady if used correctly.

Read on to find out more about how to use body language to make him obsessed with you.

Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

#1. Eye Contact:

Maintain eye contact when he is talking to you. Gaze a little longer than usual. During the conversation, give him “siren eyes.”

Keeping eye contact will show him how confident you are, and he will start to stutter and lose track of what he was saying. It’s also a sure sign he likes you back if you make him uncomfortable.

As he speaks to you, try squinting your eyes to give the impression that you are trying your best to pay attention to him.

#2. Smile Genuinely

Smile genuinely and DO NOT fake it because he will read between the lines. Genuine smiles show that you are actually interested in what he is saying and enjoying his company at large.

This thought will make him feel good and comfortable and will boost his interest in you.

#3. Show Excitement and Enthusiasm

It is important to show excitement and enthusiasm when he is talking. This makes him feel that you are genuinely interested in what he is saying.

Let out the enthusiasm you are feeling because it shows your passion for the topic you are discussing.

#4. Touch Him a little bit

Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

Touching is very powerful in dating and relationships and can create a stronger bond. A gentle touch can really mean a lot without being too forward.

Touch his arm lightly, but only if you feel up to it. It may be a bit difficult on the first date, but on the second date, a gentle touch should be fine.

#5. Lean In When He’s Talking

Leaning in when he is talking shows that you are very interested in whatever he is talking about. It shows that you are engaged in the conversation and will make him open up even more.

#6. Nod in Agreement

When you nod your head while he`s talking, it shows that you are actively listening to what he has to say and understanding. It also shows interest and respect, which can create a deeper bond between the two of you.

#7. Play With Your Hair

Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

Playing with your hair is naturally associated with flirting. This is a typical sign that you are interested in him.

That will catch his attention and make him feel more confident in whatever he has to say. Be cautious, however, as too much hair playing can demonstrate nervousness.

#8. Position Yourself Towards Him

Try to position yourself so that you are facing straight at him. Your belly button must be facing him directly.

This slight movement will show him that he is your center of attraction, and he will feel moved. Even when your head turns in another direction, maintain this position.

Conclusion: Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

To sum it up, body language is a very important way of communicating your romantic interests without saying too much.

In this context, using your body properly in different ways can boost attraction and develop a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Each action sends a strong message on its own, adding up to a strong impression of attraction and interest.

The right body language can help you forge an irresistible chemistry that will keep him enthralled and craving more.

From quiet touches and glances to overt displays of affection. Use your body language to your advantage and don’t be afraid to express your true feelings to him.

If you pull this off, not only will he be completely drawn in, but you’ll also get his full attention and, who knows?

Now go get him!

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Body Language Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You


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