How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

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How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

When you’re in a relationship, the goal is often to be the best partner you can be. After all, a strong, loving partnership can provide one of the most enriching experiences life has to offer.

But how exactly can you be the best girlfriend ever? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Because every relationship is as different as the people in it.

But there are some general principles that you can follow to make your relationship better and healthier. Regardless of whether it’s your first love, whether you’ve been dating for a while, or whether you’re married.

How, though, can we determine what would make us a better girlfriend? Keep reading to find out. Romantic relationships can be challenging, don’t you think? When I think I’ve achieved the elusive “top score” today, other times I immediately fall to the bottom.

But that is what makes life even funnier: challenges. Without challenges, life would be boring, I think.  That said, Let’s look at these top 12 principles that would make you the best girlfriend ever.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

How to Be the Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

So, get a cup of coffee, find a quiet place, and keep reading. Since you are reading this post, you are already on the way to success.

This indicates that you want to make your relationship work and are interested in finding ways to make it better. That’s wonderful news that should strengthen your resolve to be the best girlfriend.

1. Decide if the Relationship is Worth Fighting For

First, we need to take a moment to consider whether maintaining our relationship is worthwhile. Although it may sound harsh, we will only make an effort in a relationship we truly want to be in.

Therefore, give yourself some time to consider your feelings for your boyfriend. And whether you want to see your relationship develop. Once you`re satisfied with how you feel, proceed to step two.

2. Stop Fighting!

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Yeah, that’s what I said. If your relationship is worth fighting for, you need to stop fighting. I know that sounds like “mission impossible”, but it is doable. Constant arguing and fighting in a relationship is exhausting, creates doubts, creates animosity, and never solves anything.

My theory is simple – don`t argue. Never raise your voice at your boyfriend. If there is a disagreement, just say what you think and why, then keep quiet.

Take some time for yourself and let the tension and stress of the situation melt away. After some time apart, one of you is more likely to understand the other’s position. And the disagreement is settled amicably.

3. Just listen; If You Want To Be The Best Girlfriend.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Relationships succeed when partners take time to hear each other out. Be it just chatting about their day or hearing them out on their thoughts, your partner will appreciate the kindness.

And the two of you will grow closer as a result. Take some time every day to just sit and talk. Part of our “role” in a romantic partnership is to observe our partner’s life. And there`s no better way than to sit, listen, and witness their grievance or joy.

4. Look After Yourself, If You Want To Be The Best Girlfriend.

Maintain your sense of style and keep up the appearance.  This is not just for yourself, but for your partner too. When I take the time to do my hair and pick out an appropriate dress, I immediately feel more confident.

Your boyfriend would appreciate your effort to keep up that sexy look! And return the favor if you tried to show yourself as attractive and well-groomed.

5. Give Emotional Support

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

If your partner is having a hard time or is happy about something, be there to share the moment. Sometimes it’s more important to understand than to give help.

Be the biggest fan of your partner. Celebrate their success like it was your own. Both of you should want the other to be the best they can be. And the best way to do that is to support and inspire each other.

This will help you share your feelings with each other and build trust. Your hopes for the future are very personal, and telling each other about them can give you both ideas.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

6. Trust

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Trust is another important principle that cannot be over stated. It can be challenging, and frequently takes time to develop.

It’s a terrific idea to learn more about your boyfriend’s past, personality, and ideals. As you two get to know one another and develop a relationship. You will have more faith in them as a result of these.

However, it is regrettably not always so easy. We need to continuously be reminded of our partner’s principles and have faith that they will reciprocate our respect and uphold our trust.

A relationship will collapse like a “house of cards” if there is no respect. For example, if your man goes out with pals, how will you feel? When he is in the shower, will you be tempted to sneak into his phone?

Avoid doing that since it will interfere with every aspect of your shared existence. Instead, consider the cause of your feelings. You should have a chat with yourself about where this lack of trust may be coming from, if it isn’t because of his conduct.

7. No Flirting!

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

If you saw your boyfriend flirting with another girl, how would you feel? It would be painful, right? It would also make you less likely to trust them. There would also be a lot of other bad feelings, like anger and doubt.

If you flirt with someone else, your partner will feel the same way and most likely think you are a bad lover. When a good-looking guy flirts with you, keep this in mind. You don’t need that because you already have someone special with whom you can play all day.

8. Honesty

Be transparent about your feelings, concerns, and plans. Don`t lie about things, because if you do, you will most likely be caught.

And then you will have to cook up even more lies to cover up the first one. Before you know it, you have created a whole web of lies! Honesty builds trust, which is the foundation of a strong relationship.

With trust comes loyalty. This doesn’t just mean physical fidelity. Emotional loyalty is just as important. Establish and respect personal and relationship boundaries.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Trust your partner, and give them the space to trust you in return. Take care with your word choice if you are going to express a viewpoint. It’s best to be truthful, but in a way that educates rather than hurts.

9. Maintain Individuality and Be True to Yourself

It’s easy to get lost in a relationship. Ensure you set aside time for yourself and encourage your partner to do the same. A relationship is made up of two individuals.

Continue to strive for your personal goals and support your partner in theirs. Yes, it’s lovely to have shared interests and activities. But it’s also okay to have aspects of your life that are yours alone. Just try to balance them out.

You will automatically become a better girlfriend by being honest with yourself, which is the first benefit. Don`t try altering yourself excessively to please your partner.

By being true, you will respect yourself and will also be reassured that your boyfriend likes the real you.

10. Tend to His Needs

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

This does not necessarily mean cooking him breakfast or doing his laundry. It is human nature to appreciate being singled out for attention.

Think of inexpensive or time-efficient gestures you can make. Such as massaging his shoulders for 20 minutes after a long day. Pay attention to what he has to say about his work.

A healthy relationship requires daily effort. Including morning kisses, showing affection, and listening to one another. Consider his needs, and he will do the same for you.

12. Learn and Adapt

This is very important for a successful relationship. Learn to admit mistakes. Nobody is perfect. When you mess up, own it, apologize, and strive to be better.

If your partner has feedback for you, listen without getting defensive. Use it as a tool for growth. Excessive change to please your partner may be bad, but changing for the good is okay.

We are all different, from different cultures and backgrounds. As time passes, people change, and relationships evolve. Be willing to adapt and grow together.

11. Keep the Romance Alive

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Also, this cannot be overstressed.

Regular Dates: No matter how long you’ve been together, never underestimate the power of a romantic date night.

Surprises: Whether it’s a surprise dinner or just a thoughtful note. Small gestures can have a significant impact. Go on and surprise him! Slide that love note into his lunch bag.

Intimacy: Being close emotionally is just as important as being close physically for a relationship to work.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

This is my take on this one:

These best practices have been extracted from both my successful and unsuccessful romantic encounters. I don`t guarantee that they will work for you. But they will help as a guideline. So you have a happy relationship and be the best girlfriend you can be.

Men and women are different by nature. And we can’t change that. Which is why sometimes it’s hard to be with someone of the opposite sex.

However, with maturity, love, and respect, we are bound to succeed in our relationships. Treat your boyfriend the way you want to be treated. Not only will he return the favor, but you will be the best girlfriend ever.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips


How To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever -12 Top Tips

Being the best girlfriend doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It means you are committed to making the relationship the best it can be. By being supportive, loving, and willing to grow and adapt.

Relationships are a two-way street. So while you strive to be the best girlfriend ever, look for the same qualities in your partner. When both people in a relationship are committed to its success, the potential for happiness is limitless.

Stay Blessed and Good Luck!

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