13 Ways How To Make Him Jealous

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13 Ways How To Make Him Jealous (The Right Way)

In relationships, jealousy is a common emotion. Whether brought on by insecurity, or a sincere fear of losing someone we care about. Jealousy occasionally happens to us all.

The thought of provoking mild jealousy in a partner occurs as a way to assess their feelings.

  • In most cases simply to attract more attention.
  • If you’re in a relationship and he is taking you for granted.
  • He used to be your boyfriend, and you want him to have a hard time (just for fun).  Or see if he still cares about you.
  • You have a huge crush on that one guy and you want to get his attention. And find out if he likes you too. 

Even though it’s tempting, there are a few reasons why you might want to rethink playing jealous games with your guy.

How To Make Him Jealous

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the challenges that come with trying to make people jealous. Your boyfriend, for that matter. But I will also give you ways to make him jealous THE RIGHT WAY. But before we get to that,

Below are some of the reasons why it might not be a good idea to try to Make Him Jealous.

How To Make Him Jealous -Disadvantages

1. Jealousy Can Breed Resentment

Trying to make your partner jealous can make them angry. This way of getting what you want can make him feel unimportant, resentful, not trusted, or like he’s being used.

Over time, this can put a strain on the relationship and make him feel less close to you.

2. Miscommunication Is a Real Threat

Making someone jealous is based on not saying what you mean directly. Instead of talking directly about how you feel or what you need, you use external cues to send a message. This could be unbelievably misinterpreted by your boyfriend.

It can be hard for your partner to understand what you really mean or how you really feel.

How To Make Him Jealous

3. It Can Backfire

Talking about backfire, there is always a chance that if you try to make him jealous, he will pull away. He might think you’re not really interested in him. Or that you’re interested in someone else. Which can cause confusion and hurt feelings resulting into breakup of the relationship.

4. Underlying Issues Need Addressing

If you want to make your partner jealous, you should really think about why you want to do it. Is it because of your own fears? Or do you feel like you’re being ignored? Getting to the bottom of the problem will lead to a better relationship.

That being said, let`s look at ways How To Make Him Jealous with caution.

How To Make Him Jealous (The Right Way)

#1. Laugh at His Jokes

When you laugh at someone’s jokes, it makes them feel validated, appreciated, and funny. For many, humor is a way of connecting with others.

If it’s genuine, laughing at his jokes can strengthen your bond. But if it’s forced or insincere, it might come across as patronizing.

#2. Flirt With an Unfamiliar Person

How To Make Him Jealous

Flirting with someone your partner isn’t familiar with can invoke feelings of jealousy, insecurity, or confusion. It can potentially make your partner desire you more. But it can also cause distrust or hurt, especially if the motive is unclear.

#3. Hang Out With Friends More

When you hang out with friends, it shows that you have friends outside of the relationship. Demonstrating that you can actually do well without him. This is good for you. Both to keep these ties and to make your partner feel jealous. It makes him feel left out and not important.

#4. Change Your Look

A significant change in your appearance can renew your self-confidence and attract attention. Your partner might see you in a new light, reigniting interest. Your partner will wonder if these changes are for personal reasons and not solely for external validation. Which could trigger jealous feelings.

#5. Hug a Guy Friend in Front of Him

How To Make Him Jealous

Physical touch with someone other than your partner, even if it’s casual, like hugging, can provoke feelings of jealousy or insecurity. Especially if the nature of your relationship with that guy friend isn’t clear.

#6. Wait to Respond to His Texts And Calls

Delaying responses can create the illusion of being busy or in demand. It can make your partner seem less available, possibly increasing their desirability.

It can also cause anxiety, misunderstandings, or feelings of neglect. Which could drive him to be jealous and wondering what keeps you occupied.

#7. Take a Break From Him

Skipping dates could make him miss you more. Or make him wonder what’s keeping you occupied.

Consistently skipping date nights may also lead to feelings of neglect or that the relationship isn’t a priority. That could drive him nuts.

#8. Pose With His Male Friend For Photos

How To Make Him Jealous

Particularly if the poses are intimate or convey closeness. This may cause feelings of competition or envy. Such behaviors can put a strain on him mentally and make him jealous.

#9. Compliment His Male Best Friend

Complimenting another man, especially his close friend, might make him feel competitive or insecure. Depending on the nature of the compliment and his personal insecurities. This act will surely make him jealous.

#10. Applaud Your Ex If You Want To Make Him Jealous

This might cause him to wonder where he fits into your life and whether he’s living up to your expectations. He might start comparing himself to your ex and feel insecure and jealous as a result.

How To Make Him Jealous

#11. Check Out His Male Friend’s Instagram

Continuously engaging with or showing interest in his friend’s activities can make him wonder about the nature of your interest. Potentially leading to feelings of jealousy or distrust.

#12. Let Him Know You Enjoy Being Alone

While it’s healthy to have personal time and space, continuously emphasizing how you enjoy life without him might make him feel undervalued. Or unnecessary in your life, making your guy feel jealous.

#13. Show Some Skin If You Want To Make Him Jealous

How To Make Him Jealous

Provocative attire has the potential to draw attention. He might become suspicious if you make a sudden, significant change to your dressing style.

It can also cause feelings of insecurity (questioning who else you’re trying to attract) or pride (that you’re with him).

All of these things can make your guy feel jealous or interested again. But they can also cause misunderstandings, problems with trust, and hurt feelings.

In relationships, it’s important to put open communication and mutual respect ahead of playing jealousy games. Below, I will give you healthy alternatives for dealing with the situation, assuming you need more attention and more love from your man.

Healthy Alternatives: How To Make Him Jealous

Open Communication:

Instead of playing jealousy games, you should talk to your partner about how you feel. If you feel ignored or insecure, talking about how you feel can help your partner understand you and the relationship grow.

Invest in Self-Growth

How To Make Him Jealous

Work on building your sense of self-worth and confidence. Do things that make you feel good about yourself, and your partner will naturally be more interested in you.

Seek Couples Therapy

If there are problems in the relationship that go deeper, you might want to go to couples therapy. A professional can help you both get to know each other better and make your relationship stronger.

Build Trust

Trust is a pillar of any strong relationship. Instead of breaking it down by trying to make him jealous, work on building it up. Engage in activities that foster trust and connection.

How To Make Him Jealous

Final Thoughts: How To Make Him Jealous

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to try and invoke feelings of jealousy in your partner, the risks often outweigh the benefits.

Building a relationship on trust, open communication, and mutual respect is much more rewarding. And good for the relationship’s long-term health. Remember that real love is built on understanding, not on playing games.

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How To Make Him Jealous

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