Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday? Reasons and Answers

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In relationships especially new ones, it is completely normal to wish to see your significant other every day. In fact, if it was up to them, boyfriends would meet their girlfriends every time.

But, let us all agree to disagree that this does not always have a good cause. While most boyfriends mean well, some boyfriends are far from that truth.

Want to know why? read on! Because we are going to explore traits and facts on “why your boyfriend wants to see you every day”.

We are going to find out the good, the bad, and the ugly reasons that lead to this desperate act, and let us begin.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want to See Me Every Day? Reasons and Answers

The biggest percentage of girlfriends believe its pure love and affection. They think if a boyfriend wants to see you everyday, they are head over heels in love with you!

No, that`s not even close to the truth and below are TEN reasons why.

#1. Insecurity

Girlfriend, have you ever wondered maybe him needing to see you everyday is because he has trust issues? Could it be you just meet, you don`t even know each other very well, yet.

But, apparently in his last relationship, he was heartbroken. And blames it on himself not being around enough and wants to do it right this time. Maybe he is a player himself and thinks the same of you?

There is many “what if`s but, whatever the case maybe, keep an open mind and don`t be naïve. A descent boyfriend would give you plenty of time and space.

He would give you time to think, process, compare and contrast the relationship gradually.

#2. So Much in Love

It is entirely possible that your boyfriend wants to see you everyday simply because he is crazily in love. Could be you have just agreed to his proposal and he feels his entire world right now resolve around you.

He believes just talking on phone is not only NOT ENOUGH, but won`t emphasize the way he feels about you. He feels as if winning your heart is like winning a trophy!

We all know being with someone we love can provide a feeling of comfort, happiness and fullfilness. So, take your time dig deeper and analyze the situation.

Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

#3. Strong Attachment

We have all been in love and know what love is, well most of us, but we love differently. Sometimes when we love someone, we feel more attached to that person.

Some couples form a stronger bond and connection. This strong connection lead to this desperate act of wanting to spend a lot of time with the person they are attached to.

If this is the case however,  it is important that this attachment remains healthy and does not indicate dependency.

#4. Friendship

Could be, your boyfriend is trying to spend more time with you in order to get to know you. Above all, he is aware that friendship keeps bonds between people strong.

It is possible that your boyfriend wants to see you everyday, because he is trying to create a friendly relationship on top of the romantic one. Spending time with each other will help create that friendship he is looking for.

#5. Loneliness

Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

Feeling lonely is a strong emotion. If your boyfriend wants to see you everyday because he is lonely that is a red flag! If you date a lonely person, you too are going to become lonely.

There`s a difference between loneliness and loner. A loner does not look for attention or for ways to get out of their miserable situation.

On the other hand, a lonely person would look for company anyway possible.

#6. Shared Interests

You and your boyfriend could share the same interests or enjoy the same activities. It`s only natural that he would want to do all this with you. Remember he feels comfortable and happy when you are together.

If this is the case and you happen to love him the same in return, embrace it. We all love doing what we love with our loved ones.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want to See Me Every Day? Reasons and Answers

#7. You Live alone

Leaving alone is a big advantage to your boyfriend. It is different compared to staying with other people because guys always want easy access to their girlfriend`s private life.

Be careful however, you being alone will give him easy observation into your private life. Keep your individuality and maintain mutual respect.

#8. He is Horny

This is especially in regard to young adults or teenagers. We all know about teenage love and how made, obsessed and crazily in love they can be.

Your boyfriend wants to spend much time with you perhaps he`s horny and wants to get down with you.

If you feel the same, let it go! release that steam like its no ones business. Love is a beautiful thing and we need to embrace it whenever we can because it doesn`t last forever.

#9. He Doesn`t Have Faith in your Friend

You always go out with your best friend and this best friend happen to be a guy, too. He is not only good looking but, you two together seem too comfortable with each other.

You crack jokes, playing, always smiling in a way you never smile with him, perhaps. Your boyfriend gets jealousy and develops this idea of spending that comfortable time with him rather than your best friend.

#10. He is an Extrovert

Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

An Extrovert is a person who enjoys going out with friends. Extroverts are individuals who are social, outgoing, expressive and always engaging with others.

They like partying and love social situations. Now, if you yourself happen to be the opposite -Introvert, then your likes as a couple are on different pages.

It takes time and understanding for an introvert to adjust to an Extrovert social behavior.

Your boyfriend might be the “outgoing” character. And it goes without saying that he would love going out with you. It`s possible they want to always see you, take you places, visit friend, introduce you to new people, extra.

Insight: Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

The reasons listed above, “Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday” are just a few among others. There is a whole list out there, portraying genuine and fake intentions.

As I mentioned earlier, we all love differently, and express our feelings in different ways. Sometimes our partners understand us, other times we are misinterpreted. It`s all about communication.

Have an open conversation with your partner. Iron out misunderstandings and misinterpretation in order to have a healthy relationship.

But what happens if you do not want to see them but again you do not want to hurt their feelings ?

What Do You Do If You Don`t Want To See Your Boyfriend Everyday?

Many times we are afraid of saying out loud how we truly feel. Our partners misinterpret us, which at times lead to things heading south.

Whatever your feelings are in regard to this question, let me help. Let me guide how to deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.


I understand you don`t want to hurt his feelings or act rude. You think if you spoke to his face that you do not want to spend much time together like before it will destroy him. But for how long do you intend to take this?

Every time he requests a meeting you come up with excuses. Soon you are going to run out of excuses and then what? Here is my suggestion, express your feelings clearly.

Give him reasons why you feel how you feel. If he is a gentleman who really, truly loves you he will understand without a doubt.

Read on to understand more

#1. Re-Assure Him

Make him understand that your asking for space is not a reflection of your feelings for him.

Tell him it`s not what he thinks. However, if you feel you do not want to be with him anymore it is better you say it.

The last thing you want is dragging on a meaningless relationship.

#2. Speak From Your Prospective

Use the term “I”. This kind of expression in statement will reduce the chance of him feeling bad and blaming himself for whatever reason.

#3. Communication Regularly

You still want to be with him, you just want to cut the meeting times. Talk to him often. Even if you do not see each other often keep in touch through messages or calls.

#4. Be Honest

You need to respect his feeling and listen to him, but then again you have to be honest.

Honesty is key in a healthy relationship. Let him know how you feel gently but truthfully.

On the other hand,

Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday? Solution

If your boyfriend wants to see you every day and you are enjoying it, that’s amazing! Enjoy this special time. Have fun and cherish the love you have together.

Spending quality time with each other creates a even stronger bond and make beautiful memories. Also, it makes your boyfriend feel really loved and appreciated.

Tell him how you feel. Let him know that you are enjoying the daily interactions. Introduce him to your friends but remember no opinions from friends on him.

By doing this he is assured and will continue looking forward to these daily meetings. Make it even more funnier by engaging in fun activities together. This will create lovely moments and you’ll have new things to talk about.

But remember when you meet, it does not have to be lengthy hours. Try to keep your meetings short and lovely. Even though you love seeing your boyfriend every day, try to balance your life.

Don`t neglect other things that still matter like; School, Work, Friends and Family or even your time alone. Lastly, remember to maintain good communication, mutual respect, and consideration of each other’s needs.

Conclusion: Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

There we have it! The good, the bad and the ugly reasons for your boyfriend wanting to see you everyday. I hope this article has been fruitful.

Leave a comment and tell us all about it. Good luck with your relationship and stay blessed.

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Why Does my Boyfriend Want to See Me Everyday?

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