Why My Girlfriend Is the Best

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“Why My Girlfriend is the Best” sums up all of the special characteristics—the things about your girlfriend that make her perfect in your eyes.

We are all different when it comes to love. Every individual is different in this aspect because we love different things. That said, what makes your girlfriend the best in your eyes does not necessarily make her the best in someone else`s eyes.

However, there is a number of factors that we all agree on that would make every boyfriend feel that their girlfriend is the best. Therefore, let us delve into 12 reasons why you think your girlfriend is the best.

Why My Girlfriend Is the Best: 13 Reasons

#1. She’s Loving and Caring

Without a doubt, everyone wishes to have a partner who is loving and caring, regardless of gender. If a partner does nice things, like a peck, many kisses, warm hugs, or surprises now and then.

This will make you feel important and valued in the eyes of your partner. And this makes you feel that your girlfriend is the best.

#2. She’s Respectful

Respect is very important in a relationship, and a lack of it can result in relationship breakdowns. Respect in a relationship is when partners listen, acknowledge, value, and respect one another’s opinions and interests.

A respectful relationship values individual boundaries without question.

#3. She’s Understanding

Your girlfriend have a strong emotional intelligence that lets her understand how you feel and see things. This means good communication and understanding in a relationship.

#4. She’s Passionate

Being with a passionate person somehow motivates you to be passionate yourself. Some individuals have high levels of passion for almost everything.

For example, going out, hobbies, and work, to mention a few. This kind of partner can keep you motivated all the way and change your lifestyle.

#5. She’s Got a Great Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor means being able to create humor or kindness in every situation. Being appreciative, funny, telling jokes, and generally being able to weigh situations and understand them with empathy.

Your girlfriend is the best because she has a good sense of humor, which brings life to your relationship.

#6. She’s Supportive

Your girlfriend supports you in every possible way. Whichever situation you are in, she is always a listening ear, ready to help in any way possible.

She stands by you in all difficulties and never leaves your side. She is a supportive girlfriend, and that is why she is the best.

#7. She’s Your Best Friend

Why My Girlfriend Is the Best

True, healthy relationships go hand in hand with friendship between partners. If your girlfriend is your best friend, it means you have a bond that is more than just a romantic one.

If you are best friends with your girlfriend, that will make her the best because you share a lot together, including, laughter, interests, and hobbies. This makes relationships automatically perfect

#8. She’s Trustworthy

Trustworthy partners are the best because you trust in them and don’t have to worry much about everything.

Whether they are late or they didn`t pitch for the meeting. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing, its all fine with you.

You don’t think ill of them because you know there is trust and respect between the two of you..

And that enhances a strong bond and makes you feel that your girlfriend is the best.

#9. She Has Patience

It`s only natural to feel that your girlfriend is the best when she has patience with you. Not many people have patience in relationships.

Since patience, in most cases, means giving your partner time and space to deal with whatever they are dealing with.

This creates a peaceful environment and a strong bond between lovers, hence feeling that your girlfriend is the best

#10. She’s Intelligent

Your girlfriend is intelligent and smart. Her intelligence and smartness challenge you in various ways. This intelligence includes academic, emotional, and social aspects.

Her intelligence sparks interesting discussions and provides wise advice. Wise advice that will improve your relationship in a number of ways.

#11. She’s Committed

She is committed to you, and that makes her the best. Your girlfriend is committed to the relationship and ready to go through thick and thin for the good of your relationship.

Being committed implies supporting one another in decision-making and always trying the best to find solutions for issues that arise in the relationship.

#12. She is Open

A lot of problems can be avoided in a relationship by being open. Your girlfriend is the best because, whatever the cost, she is open to you. Openness in a relationship goes along with trust.

If you trust your partner, you will tell them just about everything. From your childhood, adolescence, and all your previous relationships.

You will tell them about every guy that makes a move on you, and that not only makes your girlfriend the best but very special.

That act eliminates all doubts in a relationship, thereby creating a very strong, healthy relationship.

#13. She tells you why she is in a bad mood.

Why My Girlfriend Is the Best

She is so open with you that you do not need to ask why she is in a bad mood.

It may be simple logic to tell your partner why you are not well, but trust me it`s not. If your girlfriend tells you why she is sad or angry, it’s a sign of a relationship that is honest and healthy.

This openness is important because it prevents misunderstandings and makes it easier for you both to help each other.

Summary: Why My Girlfriend Is the Best

Your girlfriend is the best because she possesses most, if not all, of the qualities you would look for in a perfect girlfriend.

These qualities range from understanding to respect, patience, trustworthiness, intelligence, supportiveness, and a sense of humor, to mention just a few.

If you find these elements in a partner, it is obvious that you will feel they are the best partners. These characteristics in an individual are enough for you to conclude that ‘my girlfriend is the best’.

And finding an individual with these characteristics is an assurance that you are bound to have an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.

Go on and embrace it, because good times don`t last forever. Have good moments with your girlfriend and create beautiful memories together.

Stay blessed, and good luck on your journey of love.

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Why My Girlfriend Is the Best


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