10 Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

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10 Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

Breakups can be painful, hurtful, hard to understand, and drain your emotions. Whether you just broke up or it’s been a while, the feelings you still have for your Ex might make you wonder if getting back together is a good idea.

If you really think that you and your Ex could have a better second chance together, let me guide you. Allow me to help you get your Ex back permanently.

Did you know that you can make your Ex want you back with a simple “reverse psychology” trick?

Read on if you want to find out how well this sneaky method really works.

This technique is so powerful because it is based on proven psychological principles and everything happens subconsciously, so your Ex can’t do anything about it.

That means it works even if you’re in a bad situation and your Ex isn’t responding to normal methods.

Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

10 Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

Let`s begin..

1. Analyze What Went Wrong.

Identifying the root cause of the breakup can be painful but very important. Your relationship fell out, was it a lack of communication? Infidelity problem?  or differences in life goals?

Recognizing these issues will be the foundation for rebuilding the relationship. But before we start, there`s an element called introspection.

Prior to making any move, take a moment to reflect on why you want to get back together with your Ex.

Is it because you still love him and genuinely miss the bond? Or is it driven by loneliness and fear of being alone?

Understand your motives clearly before proceeding. Because you don’t want to get there, well almost, and then wish to back down.

2. Open Channels of Communication

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

Once the breakup is over, don’t talk to him for a few weeks. He’ll be able to get some space and start to miss you.

When you do hear from him again (they always call you at some point after a breakup, anyway). You should tell him that you agree with the breakup and that you hope you can still be friends.

Once he knows you’re fine without him, he’ll want you back almost right away. Men always want things they think they can’t have anymore. And your man is no exception.

After a breakup, this is one of the best ways to get him back.

When both sides are ready, start a conversation. Talk about why you broke up. Listen to how he feel, and tell him how you feel too. But, DO NOT be argumentative. Just Listen!

3. Reach Out, But Give Space

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

While you don’t want to call him all the time, do get in touch with him occasionally to stir up his memory.

For example, you could send him a text message saying that you just saw a movie that reminded you of him. Because you both saw that movie for the first time together.

Then say something casual, like, “How have you been?” DO NOT text him again until he answers your first message. And even then, ONLY TEXT HIM BACK if he seems to be keeping up a conversation.

If all he texts back is “I’m good,” you should stop talking to him for now. Drop down that phone and try again later. If you want to make the first move, make sure you do so in a polite way.

Know that your Ex might need some space and time. Instead of sending a lot of messages, send a thoughtful message about how you feel. And how you want to talk about the past.

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

4. Ask Him to Talk by Making Him Think it Was His Idea.

This might seem hard, but it’s not. Trust me.

When you talk to him, tell him you’re sorry about how the relationship ended. And that you hope he’ll tell you why one day. Leave it at that and talk about something more pleasant.

He might not do it right away, but he will talk to you about it at some point. And think that since he started the conversation, it was his idea to do it.

When you give him the power, he will feel more in charge of the situation. And will be much more likely to talk to you about it. It seems strange, but it’s true. Again, Trust me I’ve done this before.

5. Look Forward, Act Like You Don`t Care

If you collide with him somewhere, act like he doesn’t mean anything to you. Don’t be rude, but don’t care that he’s there. It will drive him nuts to wonder why you suddenly don’t give a `F` anymore.

Yes, it’s necessary to address past issues, especially to avoid getting trapped in a cycle of blame. But now is not the time for that. Our sole goal at the moment is to make him believe you moved on and not ready to dwell on past mistakes.

Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

6. Rebuild Trust

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

If you meet to talk, first things first. Start by addressing the “Elephant” in the room. In other words, start by talking about the “Big Problem“. Understand and acknowledge what caused the breach of trust. This involves:

Trust is the bedrock of any meaningful relationship. But it can easily be shattered, especially in the aftermath of a breakup. If the breakup was due to a breach of trust, know that this will be a  daunting task.

It will be a long journey, but achievable. Both partners need to be committed to rebuilding trust through transparency, accountability, and patience.

7. Focus on Personal Growth

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

A breakup can offer valuable life lessons. Use this time to focus on self-improvement.

Whether it’s honing a skill, seeking therapy for personal issues, or merely learning to communicate better. Personal growth can be a strong pillar for reconciliation.

8. Rekindle the Romance Slowly

Rebuilding a romantic relationship is not an overnight task.

Start by rebuilding the friendship. Going on dates, and rediscovering each other in a new light. As with fire, love can sometimes die down to embers.

Even though those embers still have heat, rekindling the flame requires patience, understanding, and care. Rekindling a romance, especially after a separation or a rough patch, is delicate, and the pace is essential.

Rushing can lead to old wounds reopening, but a gradual approach can help heal and build up the relationship.

9. Establish Boundaries

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

Setting clear boundaries can prevent old issues from resurfacing. Whether it’s regarding personal space, social interactions, or future goals, defining boundaries can create a healthier relationship dynamic.

10. Seek Professional Help

If need be, consider couples therapy or relationship counseling. A neutral third party can provide valuable insights, mediate discussions, and offer tools and techniques to rebuild trust and understanding.

All of these are good ways to get him back after a breakup. So pick one or try them all, because one of them is surefire to work. Your situation is not unique. People have been there. I have been there before, so I  know what I am saying to you.

Conclusion: 10 Ways How to Get Your Ex Back Permanently

In summary, this is my take on this one. You can’t be ‘friends’ with your Ex. Maybe your Ex suggested that it would be a good idea to be friends.

Maybe you mentioned it before, trying to pull off something. Or you think it’s “better than nothing” if the alternative is losing him forever.

Being friends with your Ex is actually, almost always a bad idea. And a recipe for additional heartache.

That’s especially true if you want to get your Ex back. But it’s even true if you’re ready to move on and don’t want to get back together.

Getting your Ex back permanently is a journey that requires introspection, patience, and commitment. Remember, both parties must be willing to make it work.

Sometimes, despite best efforts, reconciliation may not be possible, and that’s okay. Don`t strangle yourself.

Whether or not you guys get back together, the process will offer valuable insights and growth opportunities.

Yes, every individual and relationship is unique. What works for one might not work for another. But always prioritize mental and emotional well-being. And never be afraid to seek help or lean on supportive friends and family.

To wrap it all, I say; never fail to try, because you`ll never know.

Stay Blessed, and P.S Save this pin for later.

10 ways How to get your ex back Permanently

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