How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

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How do you keep your man always happy in bed? Yes, that is the topic for today. Finding exclusive ways to keep that fire burning in your bed. Maintaining a healthy, sparkling, and fulfilling intimate relationship is important to both parties but also very challenging.

While sex is not the sole determinant of a successful relationship, it certainly plays a significant role. Whether you have been married for centuries or months, or maybe you are just dating, keeping your man happy in bed is a MUST-KNOW to maintain a healthy relationship.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Sexual satisfaction is one of the top things most men desire to give their women, as is being satisfied in bed.  Undoubtedly, women frequently express their desire to bring out the best in their partners but lack knowledge and are afraid of doing it the wrong way.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your man happy in bed, this article will provide you with 16 valuable tips that can enhance your intimate connection and bring joy to both of you.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

#1. Communication

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Communication is crucial in any relationship, including the bedroom. Encourage your husband to share his preferences with you. Talk to him about your desires and fantasies, too.

So that you can both find common ground and ensure mutual satisfaction without guessing. Talk to your husband throughout the day. Praise him for last night. Throw in a few sexy comments, like,

‘You took me by surprise last night, It was awesome’


“I would love to do it again tonight, you up for it?’

This way, you are preparing his mind. He will have fond memories of you, and he will be looking forward to getting back to make love to you.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

#2. Variety and experimentation

Keep the spark alive in your bed by introducing new experiences. For example, new sex positions, sex toys, or even role-playing scenarios. Adding variety and trying new things to your intimate experiences is a key part of keeping your passion alive.

Plan a date at a hotel if you can. Try new places, like the kitchen, couch, or bath tab. Men love having sex anywhere and anytime. Now imagine if it is in fact a new place, like in the car.

These traits will create memories in his head, and he will keep rewinding them in his mind.

For the toys, however, first try to find out if your partner will be okay with them. You could start a conversation with him and see how far he can go.  And from that conversation, you will have a pretty good idea whether or not to introduce them.

You could introduce cuffs. Try tying yourselves or blindfolds. The great thing about the blindfold is that since you can’t see, your other senses will become more alive, which is also fun.

#3. Taking the lead

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Men often appreciate their partners taking the initiative. Even though it’s important to keep things even in the bedroom, many men like it when their partner takes the lead.

Be confident and express your desires by initiating intimacy. Women initiating things in bed make men incredibly aroused and can add a new level of excitement.

#4. Don’t just lay in bed.

Although it may seem absurd, this is not. Some women enjoy nothing more than simply lying in bed while they wait for the man to enter. This isn’t right because making love is an act that requires you and your man.

Participate, wriggle your waist, twerk, and use your hands and tongue. Don’t lie like a dead fish. Make your man happy by calling his name and making sweet little cries.

#5. Ride Him

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

This goes back to the previous point. Don`t just lay there, take a ride on him! In some positions, your man is forced to dig in far enough to ignite an explosion on the inside. The cowgirl positions are those.

There are many different sex styles out there. Try them all and do not get used to only the missionary style. Because it can get boring for your man.

#6. Show appreciation

Sometimes we take things for granted and forget even the noble things. A little appreciation can go a long way in creating a positive and fulfilling sexual experience. Compliment your man on his physical appearance, skills, and efforts.

Tell him and let him know that you find him attractive and sexy. And that you appreciate the pleasure he brings you.  Like women, men love positive reinforcement. It boosts their confidence and creates a more passionate atmosphere around you.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

#7. Prioritize foreplay

Foreplay plays a crucial role in building anticipation and increasing arousal. Extend the time spent exploring each other’s bodies. Indulging in sensual massages, or engaging in oral stimulation.

Pay attention to erogenous zones and discover what pleases your man the most. The longer you spend on foreplay, the more intense and satisfying the main event can be.

#8. Dress up for him

Dress up for your partner occasionally. Wearing lingerie or outfits that make you feel sexy and confident adds up on your game. Men can be incredibly aroused by what they see.

By putting effort into your appearance and showing your desire to please him, you create a more enticing and exciting atmosphere in the bedroom, hence hooking your man down.

#9. Be responsive

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

During intimate moments, pay attention to your partner’s signals and reactions. Respond to his desires and his advances with enthusiasm and eagerness. This not only makes him feel desired and appreciated but also fosters a strong connection between you both.

#10. Emotional connection

If you want to make your man happy in bed, build a deep emotional connection outside the bedroom. Having a strong emotional bond outside can significantly enhance intimacy in bed.

Having good emotional conversations with empathy and supporting each other`s feelings will definitely lead to more passion and satisfying experiences in bed. You feel connected and attached before you even get there.

#11. Maintain good hygiene

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Make sure to maintain good hygiene for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Remember to clean properly, wash, use perfume, shave, and be fresh at all times.

It is such a disgusting feeling when your man goes down there and it smells like a rotten egg! Put yourself in his shoes, how would you feel? Encourage your man to do the same too. Use mouthwash if you need to and avoid going to bed smelling what you just ate.

Poor hygiene is a total turn-off romantically. And yet very difficult to address with a partner. The best you can do is strive for cleanliness.

#12. Surprise Him

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Surprise your man with spontaneous acts of intimacy. What’s that one thing you’ve always dreamed to do to your man? Don’t worry, go one and do it. It will make him happy.

And that is our goal, right?  Try something you’ve never tried before. You can scream his name while you’re in bed with him, talk dirty, or even run the session.

#13. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle contributes to overall well-being, including sexual health. Engage in regular exercise to boost your energy levels and improve blood flow.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Eat a balanced diet that supports your sexual health. Prioritize sufficient sleep to ensure you are both physically and mentally prepared for satisfying intimacy.

#14. Offer spontaneity

Surprise your man with a quickie! Initiate a quick session during unexpected times, such as a shower together or a passionate encounter in a different location. Spontaneity can keep the flame alive and inject a sense of excitement and adventure into your sex life.

#15. Show enthusiasm and confidence:

Express genuine enthusiasm and confidence during intimate moments. This can heighten your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. Let him see that you are fully present, eager, and enjoying the experience.

Your enthusiasm may spread and start a positive feedback loop, which will make everything more enjoyable for both of you.

#16. Be attentive

Pay attention to your partner’s pleasure and satisfaction. Take note of his responses, whether they are verbal or non-verbal, and adjust your approach accordingly.

By showing that you are invested in his enjoyment, you create a more fulfilling and pleasurable experience for both of you.

Summary: How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

By incorporating these 16 tips into your intimate relationship, you can strengthen your connection with your partner. You can heighten your sexual pleasure, and create a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience for both of you.

Remember, every relationship is unique, so it’s essential to communicate openly, be attentive to each other’s needs, and continuously explore and adapt to maintain a happy and fulfilling sex life.

Keeping your man happy in bed involves a combination of effective communication, exploration, and a deep emotional connection. Prioritize open discussions about desires and boundaries, and be willing to experiment with new experiences and techniques.

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How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed


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