Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

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Why is My Girlfriend Mean to Me – 11 Reasons and Answers

Your girlfriend is getting more complicated day by day, and you don`t understand her anymore. She acts so mean to you and reckless, sometimes you feel as if she doesn`t love you.

And no, she was not like that before. You thought she was just having bad days when it all started, but she is getting meaner and meaner.

Well, I am going to list possible reasons; “Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me”.

There are plenty of reasons that could lead to your girlfriend being mean to you. When you’re trying to figure out why your girlfriend is being mean to you, it`s important to approach her with kindness and a willingness to find out what’s going on.

Try to be gentle and understanding. It’s important to remember that we are all different when it comes to relationships. We see things differently and receive information in different ways.

Below are 11 possible reasons why your girlfriend is mean to you.

#1. You hurt her

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

Look back on your actions. Try to think about when she started being mean to you. Could you have done something or had issues that were probably not resolved as well as they should have?

Women have a way of keeping their hard feelings about incidents to themselves. And they won`t say anything about them while they are hurting inside.

She may have been upset all along, but she is trying to pretend. And eventually, her feelings start to reflect through her behavior.

#2. Unresolved Issues

When there are unresolved issues between two people, tension tends to rise. You may choose to just let it go, thinking it`s for the best, but that’s easier said than done. You need to address properly whatever issues you may have.

It could be that you talked about it and it`s a closed chapter, but are you sure about that? Her mean behavior toward you could be due to dissatisfaction.

#3. Lack of Emotional Connection

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

Your girlfriend could be feeling disconnected or neglected. She feels you two are apart and distant. With so much going on in our daily lives, it`s not easy to balance life. You are too busy with work and, or studies, perhaps.

By the end of the day, there is no time for quality time. And that could lead to mean behavior towards you. You may be telling her you love her often, but it could not be enough. We know actions speak louder than words.

Somewhere, somehow, she feels she is missing something in the relationship. Maybe you`re spending more time with your friends and not her.

#4. She Feels Taken For Granted

It happens mostly if boyfriends do not show appreciation for their girlfriend’s effort. Sometimes we fail to recognize the little things that our partners do. And if we do, sometimes we don`t mention or express genuine appreciation.

Alongside expressing appreciation in words, show it through actions. Let her know that you value her and acknowledge the importance of her role in the relationship.

#5. Emotional Distress and Pressure

Your girlfriend may be going through a tough time in her life. There could be personal challenges that she is not ready to share with you. These challenges could be work-related, money-related, or family issues.

These personal challenges could catch up with her, and she could start being mean to you unintentionally. It`s possible that she is under a lot of pressure, which is significantly impacting her behavior toward you.

#6. Jealousy or Insecurity

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

Your girlfriend feels jealous or insecure and doesn`t trust you. There could be misunderstandings leading her to feel this way about you.

Insecurities and jealousy can lead her to be mean to you as a way of expressing her feelings. Talk to her, and have an open conversation. Reassure her of your love for her by being brutally honest with her and with yourself.

#7. Communication Problems

Good communication is very important in any relationship. If there are difficulties in sharing needs, concerns, or emotions, misunderstandings can occur.

This lack of proper communication between the two of you can lead to frustration and anger. Eventually, resulting in mean behavior.

#8. Unmet Expectations

She expected more from the relationship. Her expectations are not met, and you are not promising much. Unfortunately, she is already there, and it is not easy to just back out.

This can lead to disappointment and frustration, if your girlfriend has certain expectations of you or the relationship that are not being fulfilled. Try to find out and meet her halfway, at least.

#9. She`s the ‘Mean’ Type

Yes! You just didn`t know it yet. You have been dating for a while, and everything has been cool until lately. Well, her character is out now, and she is the mean type. Sometimes it is in someone’s nature to be mean.

She is not doing it on purpose. In fact, she is not even aware of her mean behavior toward you. She is just being herself. When the relationship is new, we do not know our partner’s character well.

That is why it is important to not rush in, like a fool. Take your time to study someone and get to know them better.

#10. You have an affair, and she is aware

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

So you have this “fling” going on. You think it`s a secret but she knows about it. Your girlfriend is not breathing a word about it, but rather waiting for you to come clean.

There are many reasons why people cheat in a relationship. However, whatever your reasons, cheating remains unacceptable.

You may think you are too smart and too careful with your actions. But the truth comes out sooner or later. Perhaps, you wonder how she could have know.

Well, your behavior has changed lately, and she got suspicious. Her suspicions made her sneak into your phone, and boom.

#11 She Does Not Love You Anymore

When you first met, it was a casual relationship—nothing serious. But as time went by, you developed stronger feelings for her, and one thing led to another.

And when you expressed how you felt, she didn’t want to hurt your feelings by turning you down. She probably knew it wasn`t going to last long anyway.

To her surprise, you love her more and more each day. But because the relationship is not exciting anymore, she thinks she has had enough.

When you call her, she sometimes does not answer. You have tried all the tricks in the book to please her, but all in vain. And it looks like she is not ready to change.

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me? -Solution

Remember, the key to solving these problems is clear communication and honesty. Be sympathetic and understanding toward your girlfriend.

When expressing your concerns, try to have a non-confrontational conversation.  Listen to her, and work together towards finding solutions to the problem.

Try to understand the reasons leading to her mean behavior. It’s possible that she is having a lot of stress due to personal challenges. Which challenges she may not be ready to disclose. Respect that also.

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

However, it’s important to set clear boundaries regarding acceptable behavior in the relationship. Let your girlfriend know that mean behavior is not normal behavior.

And discuss the normal ways she should communicate with you, even when she is going through tough times. Make her understand that it is not fair to take it out on you.

Evaluate the entire relationship and find out if the mean behavior has patterns. Figure out what you really want. Are you ready to continue with this kind of behavior?

Assess the situation and see if there are no deeper underlying issues leading to your girlfriend`s mean behavior.

While doing all this, remember to take care of yourself. It is important that you do not get dragged down with all of this. Talk to your family and ask for their support.

Seek professional help if you have to. Couples therapy or relationship counseling can help guide you on how to go through the situation.

Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

Should You Break Up With Your Girlfriend if She is Mean to You?

“Should I break up with my mean girlfriend”? Well, it all depends. How much can you take?

For how long are you going to tolerate your girlfriend’s mean behavior?

Is it even tolerable?

Will she go back to being the sweet darling she once was?

These are questions you need to ask yourself. Find answers before you make the big decision. Ultimately, it will all depend on the reason(s) why your girlfriend is mean to you. Surely, you will find the root cause of your girlfriend`s mean behavior.

If it is a temporary thing that is going to pass soon, then don`t make a harsh decision. But if she is always mean to you. Even if you want to do something for her, you have to think twice.

Constant fights and daily arguments combined with mean behavior are NOT a good combination. We all know that relationships are not a walk in the park. But two people in love, in real love, will always have a way of beating challenges.

Remember, a partner is supposed to calm you, soothe you, give comfort, and love you as you are. But not the other way around.

Good luck my dear, I hope you find a quick working solution for your situation.

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Why Is My Girlfriend Mean To Me

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