My Husband doesn`t Want Me

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Relationship chemistry in a marriage depends on different factors both inside and outside of the couple. Such as family, work, expectations, and how they see each other as a whole.

But problems are an unavoidable part of life, and marriage is not an exception. That’s why conflicts between married people are so common that some people say a marriage can’t be considered successful if there aren’t any. But, just like in our own lives, problems between husbands and wives come up and go away.

So, if you feel that your husband doesn`t want you anymore, make sure that this is a temporary phase that is about to pass. For example, if you had a fight with your husband and he is acting in a way that makes you feel like he hates you, it can be as simple as a normal situation as long as it improves with time.

However, if that situation has persisted for a while and you are noticing other peculiar signs, your worries are valid and need serious consideration.

Perhaps you both have a nagging sense that something is off or that you two need to work on your relationship. Perhaps your husband is making you feel abused and deprived at the same time.

You might feel that your husband takes advantage of you, either out of love for the relationship or perhaps because there isn’t a spark. You feel like you are in this one-sided relationship.

He is distant, always busy somewhere, and comes back late. Sometimes he does not pick up when you call. And while at home, he is always tired and needs time alone to rest.

If you find yourself in such a trying situation, allow me to offer you a one-stop solution that will not only make it easier for you to comprehend your husband’s actions but also guarantee that your problem, no matter how complicated, will be resolved. Please continue reading.

My Husband doesn`t Want Me

My Husband Doesn`t Want Me: Reasons

  • Lack of Communication

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. And it goes without saying that a lack of proper communication can lead to misunderstandings. It`s possible that you just misunderstood your husband’s previous actions and are interpreting them as “him not wanting you”.

  • Work Stress

What is your husband’s profession? It is possible that he has a lot of work stress. It could be a new job, and it’s taking a toll on him. Or his job puts him under a lot of pressure, and he comes back drained!

This work pressure is causing him to be emotionally unavailable and distant from you. I mean, does his job always keep him occupied? Look around and think about how busy your husband is with work in a logical way.

  • Physical Health Problems

Sometimes men can be stubborn. Find out if your husband is physically fit! Maybe all is not well. And him, being a man, doesn`t want to worry you about it and would rather choose to deal with it quietly.

Your husband’s not being well, is reason enough for him to be distant, quiet, and emotionally unavailable hence you concluding that he does not want you more.

  • Intimacy Issues

How long have you and your spouse been together? How often do you get to hang out? Maybe you and your partner are so busy with your jobs that you don’t have much time to spend together. And because of the gap, you feel he doesn’t want you anymore

In relationships, intimacy is not all about sex. For whatever reason, your husband could be having trouble connecting with you intimately. Have open conversations and find out if there`s a reason for him to be distant.

  • Family Matters

Family issues can be stressful, whether it is our own family or extended family. These family matters can have a real impact on relationships, especially if there is even less communication between the two of you.

  • Emotional Exhaustion

My Husband doesn`t Want Me

Your husband is emotionally exhausted and can`t pretend anymore, perhaps. Men are generally strong human beings and can cope better than women in most cases.

But they can only take on so much until eventually the emotions and exhaustion take a toll on them. You think your husband doesn`t want you but he is just under a lot and that is why he is physically distant.

  • Anxiety or Depression

Depression is a common mental disease that causes people to withdraw from reality. It makes them distant and disinterested in almost everything. If this is the case, seek medical help. Speak with your husband and find out if he is suffering from depression.

  • Feeling Unappreciated

When we do things, naturally, we want to be appreciated. It doesn`t matter if they’re in or out of a relationship. Feeling unappreciated makes one feel like being taken for granted.

Your husband may be feeling unappreciated. And that can make him pull away or be distant from you physically and emotionally.

  • Lack of Shared Interests

Especially if you are new lovers or if you have just started living together. You are two different individuals with totally different hobbies and interests. Sharing the same hobbies can help create a stronger bond between lovers.

Do you and your husband have any shared interests? If not, that could be a reason why your husband is distant.

  • Personal Challenges

While you might feel that he should have told you everything, it’s possible that he is not very expressive. Or doesn’t want to cause you unnecessary stress.  Your husband may be going through a tough time in his life.

There could be a personal crisis that he is not ready to share with you. These personal challenges could catch up with him, and he could start being distant.

It`s possible that he is under a lot of pressure, which is significantly impacting his behavior toward you. Keep an eye on his body language and behaviors if you have any suspicions.

My Husband Doesn`t Want Me: Solution

Just the thought that ‘my husband doesn`t want me’ can be very worrying and stressful in a relationship. Feeling unwanted means that your husband is distant and disconnected from you.

Either physically or emotionally and you do not do much together anymore. Signs of disconnection may include,  not going out together, no long conversations, no chatting over the phone during the day, and no love messages from him.

Your husband is hardly around, and even when he is, he’s always moody. Even the smallest thing can trigger his mood.

I guess by now you know why your husband doesn’t want you. So, now I’d like to talk about how to solve your problem. But before I tell you how to fix it, I need to tell you that you can always change my advice to fit your needs.

But please try to keep the approach’s main idea in mind when you do.


If you start communicating properly, you will not feel as if your husband doesn`t want you. Try to talk things out. It may not be easy but, if he doesn’t tell you, you can’t know what he wants. And he has no way of knowing how you feel unless you tell him. You’d be surprised to learn that even a little talking can have a big impact.

Speak openly and discuss your feelings honestly in a calming, understanding way. Listen to his reasons and concerns with empathy, and try to come up with solutions that can help build a stronger relationship.

My Husband doesn`t Want Me

Maintain frequent communication

Encourage him to discuss his personal worries with you and provide a listening ear and a shoulder for comfort. Sometimes, even giving him a little space when he needs it can be helpful.

The most important thing in a marriage is to stick by your partner through tough times. If your husband is troubled, you should tell him in your conversation as soon as you learn about it or even if you have a sneaking suspicion that he is.

 Seek Medical Help

Your husband could have mental issues. Advise him to see a doctor for a check-up and maintain regular check-ups to keep track of the health issues. Be supportive during this treatment process.

Discus Intimacy

Because of the Distance you have physically, you feel that your husband doesn`t want you. If it`s intimacy issues drawing him away, speak openly with him about it. Look for ways to understand each other’s needs intimately. If the problem persists, however, seek professional help from marriage counselors, relationship therapists, or sex therapists.

Look for Professional Help

People sometimes can’t seem to figure out how to deal with their problems on their own. And there is absolutely no shame in that. Seeking professional support can help him deal with mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Support him through the treatment process; that will make him feel loved and cared for.

Start Being Appreciative

You feel your husband doesn`t want you because you are not appreciative. We all love being appreciated for the little or big things we do. Show appreciation and gratitude for the things he does. Perform gratifying acts or make positive remarks to express your appreciation.

Look for shared interests

To strengthen your relationship, look for shared interests or hobbies that you can perform together. Encourage going out and trying to create beautiful moments together. Sharing interests can help create a strong bond between you and your husband, thereby improving your marriage.

My Husband doesn`t Want Me: Summary

If you still sense your husband’s animosity toward you after exhausting all of your options and consulting experts, you should take this as a warning sign.

In any other case, you risk quickly feeling treated like a tool, which will eventually hurt your self-respect. You deserve a much better life; perhaps you two are not a perfect fit; perhaps this marriage was not intended to work.

However, despite all of these unfavorable outcomes, you will make an effort to make it work and will do your best to resolve all of the problems; this is where your success lies.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to work out your problems and get back together.

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My Husband doesn`t Want Me

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