Why does my girlfriend bite me?

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So, you are just lying there snuggled in your bed with your girlfriend on a pretty cold evening. Cuddled and wrapped under blankets, you turn to give her a kiss. But when she holds your face and bites into your cheek, it surprises you.

The next thing you know, you`ve forgotten what you were about to do. In fact, you are wondering, “Is she okay? Why did she do that?”

You are wondering if this is normal behavior or if she is a flesh eater! Don`t worry, as long as you do not miss pieces of flesh on your body yet, read on and find out more.

Why does my girlfriend bite me?

There are a number of reasons why your girlfriend bites you. Women, naturally have a playful-related nature of behavior when expressing love and affection.

This playful nature is associated with biting, scratching, purring, and nibbling. However, this depends on the context and manner in which she does it.

In this article, we are going to find out the reasons that could be associated with the girlfriend`s biting and how to deal with the situation. Just keep reading.

Why does my girlfriend bite me

Why does my girlfriend bite me? Reasons

#1. Affection

Your girlfriend is biting you as a way of expressing affection. Biting is seen as a sign of intimacy.

Animals show affection through biting or nibbling, and some human beings, especially women, have similar behaviors.

Humans` affection Biting is very gentle and loving and is intended to do no harm to the partner. Some people do this activity instead of a kiss or a hug. It`s another way of showing affection.

#2. Playfulness

As I mentioned earlier, women have playful-related behaviors for expressing intimacy. Your girlfriend is just being playful. Teasing you by biting, sometimes tickling, poking, or playful wrestling.

This kind of behavior is common, especially when couples enjoy some level of roughness in their relationship.

#3. Sensuality

In some relationships, couples love a little bit of pain. This mild pain, in a way, is exciting and stimulates them. Biting, to some people, can arouse sexual desires and is used in foreplay.

Your girlfriend is biting you gently in a loving way because she finds it romantic and exciting. This behavior, however, varies largely based on individual preferences.

Not everybody likes it and before you get used to it, make sure your partner is comfortable and enjoys it.

#4. Habit

Your girlfriend could be biting you, without even realizing it. It could be a habit; her biting probably comes from childhood or a previous relationship.

Some people have habits like twirling their hair or biting their fingernails when nervous. Your girlfriend might be biting you in the form of herself, or it could be automatic, natural behavior.

#5. Communication

Your girlfriend could have non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is a way of communicating that some people use all the time, even in relationships.

It is possible your girlfriend uses this kind of action when trying to express her emotions or how she feels.

It could be that your girlfriend is frustrated and is trying to communicate with you. However, if this is the case, it is important to discuss her behavior because it leads to miscommunications and misunderstandings in a relationship.

Why does my girlfriend bite me

#6. Impulsiveness

It is normal for people to act impulsively. That means, they don`t think before they act. Your girlfriend bites you for absolutely no reason! The thought just crossed her mind, and she did it! simple.

Your girlfriend’s bite has no deeper meaning whatsoever. However, if you feel concerned, find out more, because you can never be sure until you find out.

#7. Experimentation

Yeah, she was just trying to experiment! Among her ways of expressing or experimenting with her desires, your girlfriend bites you.

Biting you is a new thing to her, or in your relationship. And she is trying to make out the feelings and reactions it could create between you two.

We love to explore and adventure in relationships. We always try new things, usually because, we did those things in our past relationships or because we heard it from somewhere.

As long as it doesn`t hurt or make you feel uncomfortable, experimentation is a good thing in relationships.

#8. Curiosity

Curiosity could be another reason for your girlfriend`s biting behavior. Some people are too curious to find out even the smallest things.

Your girlfriend bit you because she was curious. She wanted to see your reaction, or how you would feel about it. Why does my girlfriend bite me? she is curious

She was just trying to explore different sensational ways of communicating with you. Curiosity can drive people to explore various actions. Including biting, in order to have a better understanding of themselves and their partners.

Why does my girlfriend bite me? Solution

To most people, biting can be very exciting, sexy, and stimulating in a relationship. It is completely harmless, and it shows that you have a healthy, funny relationship. Biting can be an adorable gesture during lovemaking.

In fact, you may be surprised to find out how many boyfriends wish their girlfriends bit.

However, we are all different, and it is completely normal. What excites her may turn you off.  If you feel uncomfortable with this action, talk to your girlfriend and let her know how you feel.

Her biting may escalate, in the near future. Could become frequent, intense, and painful, especially during passionate moments.

As we discussed earlier, this kind of behavior is common in individuals who like it rough during lovemaking. She may engage in even more rough actions that may make you more uncomfortable or even turn you off completely.

If this behavior is becoming a problem, discuss boundaries and establish a mutual understanding of acceptable behaviors.

Therefore, it is for the best that you have an open discussion about her behavior. As long as both of you are comfortable and consenting, experimentation can be a healthy part of any relationship.

Conclusion: Why does my girlfriend bite me

Ultimately, it`s about how much love you have for your girlfriend. If you really love her, nothing is impossible and you can get to the bottom of this. As the saying goes, “Love Can Move Mountains”, how about just a bite?

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Why does my girlfriend bite me

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