My Girlfriend Doesn’t Trust Me

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Your girlfriend doesn`t trust you anymore because you have been lying to her. When we love someone, we watch their actions, moves, and words, and this comes naturally.

You may not know it, but women love unconditionally. But if you betray her confidence, you will have to do a lot to regain her trust. Many reasons can lead to a lack of trust in a relationship. and below are some of the reasons.

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Trust Me: 10 Reasons Why

#1. Past Infidelity

You have been unfaithful in the past to her or to your ex. And you have not shown signs of changing or abstaining from your cheating behavior.

Your girlfriend does not trust you, even though you talked about the incident. You need to rebuild and gain her trust. You need to show efforts of honesty, transparency, and commitment.

#2. Lack of Communication

Your girlfriend doesn`t trust you because you lack proper communication. Unclear communication can cause doubts and misunderstandings in a relationship.

Encourage honest and open conversations. Share your thoughts with your girlfriend and be responsive to her concerns, but most importantly, be honest.

#3. Inconsistency in Behavior

You discuss issues with your girlfriend and come up with solutions. But then you seem to be waiving away from acceptable behavior. Your actions should align with your words.

Do not say this and do that. Do not make promises you cannot keep.

#4. Broken Promises

Broken promises are alarmingly damaging in a relationship. You keep breaking your promises repeatedly, and in the process, you disappoint and hurt your girlfriend.

You keep lying to her and even when she finds out, you still keep denying it. Your girlfriend feels she doesn`t have a reason to trust you anymore due to your words and actions.

#5. Gut Feeling

My Girlfriend Doesn't Trust Me

Your girlfriend might be feeling something in her heart and acting on instinct. In her heart, she feels you are not honest and trustworthy. You may have given her reasons to feel like that or not.

Sometimes we follow our instincts, even if there is really not much evidence to point to. And in most cases, those instincts turn out to be true. Check yourself and find out if it`s actually true or if she is just paranoid.

#6. Past Relationship Trauma

She has been there before, and it looks like history could repeat itself. Her ex-boyfriend badly betrayed her in the previous relationship, and she was traumatized.

She still has wounds, and in her heart, she is not yet ready to trust anyone. Try to make her feel safe and seek professional help if necessary.

#7. You are on your phone late at night

My Girlfriend Doesn't Trust Me

Your girlfriend sees you online late at night, but you do not even talk to her. She has been watching you for a while now, wondering if she should say anything about it.

It is only natural that she will start having trust issues.

#8. Secretive Behavior

You are secretive in your behavior. She feels you are hiding information or keeping secrets from her.

For example, some girlfriends want to know their boyfriends’ phone passwords, but yours is a secret. At times, you move away when speaking on the phone.

She knows you go some places without her, and you never say anything about it. Your girlfriend thinks you are not transparent, and she doesn`t trust you.

#9. You are distant

Lately, you have been too busy and do not spend much time with your girlfriend. Either it`s work or studies, or maybe you are just going through a rough patch and need some space.

Whatever your reasons, your girlfriend feels you are distant. You have no time for her, and she has doubts about you.

#10. You are a hunk!

My Girlfriend Doesn't Trust Me

You are very good-looking, incredibly handsome, and probably very smart too. Your girlfriend doesn`t trust you because she has insecurities.

Your girlfriend thinks you might leave her. And get someone else since you are so popular and ladies throw themselves at you.

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Trust Me: Solutions

Below are a few possible ways to handle this situation. Follow the guide; eventually, she will learn to trust you.


Communication is the key to every healthy relationship. If your girlfriend does not trust you, talk with her. Have an open conversation and iron out her fears.

Reassure her that what she thinks of you is not true. Look her in the eyes, show confidence, and stand by your words. However, be understanding and apologetic about the misunderstandings.

About insecurities, encourage open conversations. Speak with your girlfriend, and express your sincerity. Reassure her that you are happy and content with her. You love her very much, and you are not even thinking about ever leaving her for someone else.

If you are staying up late on the phone, explain to her why you are up late at night. You can tell her its work, studies, or assignments you need to finish that keeps you online. Or you have sleep issues and, do not sleep well at night, so you spend time on the phone.

When talking about the issue at hand, try to be non-confrontational. Ask her why she does not trust you. Listen to her concerns, and respond in a sympathetic way. An apology on top of your genuine explanations will mean a lot to her.

Have quality time with your girlfriend and be reliable. Create beautiful memories together. Surprise them by doing something unusual around the house. Do some cooking or go grocery shopping if you stay together.

Visit friends and families together. Better yet, invite her in if you stay apart. There`s really so much you can do to make her feel better.

My Girlfriend Doesn't Trust Me

An honest person has nothing to fear when accused or confronted over something they didn`t do. Dive into this conversation with confidence. Look her in the eyes and ask her why she thinks that you are being dishonest.

Let her explain her concerns, listen attentively, and tell her what she thinks of you is not the truth. Promise your girlfriend that you will be transparent and share relevant information.

Conclusions: My Girlfriend Doesn’t Trust Me

“Your girlfriend doesn`t trust you”. Well, this is a situation that calls for immediate attention because, trust is a big element in a relationship. And without it, the relationship is doomed.

Not being trusted in a relationship can be very challenging, especially if you are actually trustworthy. Losing trust in someone may be caused by a number of reasons. Such as past infidelity, which may seem quite unfair to judge the present according to the past.

Lack of communication is vital in a relationship and must be addressed urgently as miscommunication may lead to relationship break-ups. There are many more reasons that could lead to your girlfriend not trusting you.

Approach the situation with care, understanding, and patience. Yes, you are innocent, but your girlfriend may have valid reasons for feeling the way she does about you.

Communicate openly, and be honest. Reassure her that you are not the kind of person she thinks you are.  And lastly, seek professional help immediately, if need be. Reach out to relationship therapists or marriage counselors.

Love moves mountains! How about just a simple misunderstanding?

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My Girlfriend Doesn’t Trust Me

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