Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

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Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Flirting, in the digital age, has transformed into an art of crafting playful, witty, and intriguing messages. Sending flirty text messages is a gentle yet powerful way to express interest and ignite a spark with someone. It’s about finding the right balance between humor and closeness to make the other person feel special and wanted. For many, the right words can make the chemistry between two people stronger, especially when they are just starting to date.

Sending a guy flirty texts is usually meant to make him smile, think of you, and get excited about the possibility of a deeper connection. These messages can be anything from harmless teasing to direct statements, depending on how well the sender and receiver get along.

Now, enough with the idle chatter; it’s time to improve your romantic life.  The following lists of engaging texts will heighten the attraction between you and your crush and drive him utterly bonkers for you. Keep reading.

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Here`s the sexiest texts to send a guy to keep the romance alive in a relationship. Don’t be shy about sending your man these cute and naughty texts.

1. Just so you know, you can have me whenever you want.

2. How many times do you think I can ride you tonight?

3. You have no idea how badly I want you right now.

4. Your touch is like magic, always leaving me wanting more.

5. You make me think the worst things.

6. Your fingers are making me horny.

7. You messed up my bed so badly.

8. I’m yearning for those special moments we share in the quiet of the night.

9. I can`t concentrate because all I can think about is you seizing me and dragging me away.

10. I love it when you dress really tight.

11. It’s going to be fun tonight.

12. Tonight, I’m going to make you scream and shout!

13. I wish we were in bed! Can’t stop thinking about how good it would be to feel your body against mine.

14. Take me home.

15. Put me down.

16. Make me come with your tongue

17. When you wrap your arms around me, I feel so small.

19. I need to feel you close to me.

20. I am  going to mark you as mine tonight!

21. I’m going to break you tonight!


Extremely Flirty, Hot Love Messages for Your Man

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

1. It gets so real when I think about you that I cry!

2. I’ve planned something special for us tonight.

3. It hurts still from last night.

4. I will do what you want.

5. Every time we’re close, you take my breath away.

6. My only goal in life is to please you.

7. You have me as a slave.

8. Tonight, let me be the reason behind your smile.

9. I want you to ride me in front of the mirror while I’m bent over the bathroom sink.

10. I want your lips to touch my neck and your fingers to touch my treasure.

11. I want you to use your teeth to rip my underwear off.

12. I want to scratch your back and give you warts on your legs.

13. I can’t wait to show you how much you mean to me.

14. Put a ball gag in my mouth and blindfold me.

15. There’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms tonight.

16. I want your breath to tickle my ear and your hand to squeeze me.

17. I want to drive you around at midnight and then beat you up on the hood of the car.

18. I want to tie you up on my bed and ride you backwards like a cowboy, so you can look but not touch.

18. I want you to hold on to my hips while I jump around on top of you.

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

1. Tonight, let’s create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

2. I never thought I’d meet someone who makes me so damn excited.

3. I need to be working, but all I can think about is how you’re controlling me.

4. You are going to kneel down and taste me.

5. I’ve been saving all my love for you for tonight.

6. Take off your clothes, lie down, and shut up.

7. I want to feel every heartbeat, every whisper, and every touch tonight.

8. Deeper, deeper, deeper! – Say it like you’re telling him to.

9. Fuck me harder!

10. I can’t wait for you to make me pass out.

11. I’m going to pull you off until you give up all of your blood.

12. Let’s spend the whole weekend together naked!

13. Your love is my addiction, and I’m craving a dose tonight.

14. There’s something very attractive about seeing you do any kind of hard work.

15. I need to get you home ASAP!

16. I’m excited to show you what I’m wearing under this… It sounds like something you’ll enjoy.

17. I’ll do something you’ll love if you behave until we’re alone. (Again, try saying this with a sneaky smile.)

18. It makes me so hot to think about the last time we kissed.

19. It feels great to have you on top of me.

20. It’s so damn hot to feel like you control and rule me!

21. I wish you could hold me all day.

22. Wow, that feels good!

23. Tell me where you want to touch me first. (Stand naked in front of him.)

24. Please rip my clothes off.

25. I want to scream because you make me feel so good.

26. I enjoy the feel of your tongue down there.

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Extremely Flirty, Hot Love Messages for Your Man

These hot love texts for him will heat things up. He should beg to touch you and want the goldmine between your legs, sister.

1. I love it when you hold my arms over my head.

2. When you grab my hair, I always get chills.

3. The anticipation of being with you tonight is driving me wild.

4. Somehow, it’s crazy hot when I pin you down.

5. Please kiss me slowly from my lips to my breasts, down my neck, and all the way down my body.

6. Do not stop!

7. When you kiss me, my legs sometimes get weak.

8. Turn it over!

9. Let’s make our own love story tonight.

10. It’s so hot when you push me around.

11. Tonight, I’m all yours. Take me away.

12. I felt myself getting excited as soon as I saw you walk in.

13. I have a treat for you tonight (works great as a text).

14. When you grab my hair at the back of my head, it makes me melt.

15. Please hit me in every way you can think of.

16. Please put your hands there to feel how wet I am.

17. Tonight, I’m going to drain your balls!

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

1. I can’t wait for you to give it to me.

2. Please come here now.

3. This morning I woke up wet.

4. I’ve got a surprise for you, and I can’t wait to show you tonight.

5. Your mind is so dirty, and it makes me like you!

6. You’re so big it hurts me so much but I still want it!

7. Seeing your face when you come is the most exciting thing I can imagine.

8. Being in different positions with you feels great.

9. I get weak in the knees when I look into your eyes.

10. I’m in the mood for some mischief with you.

11. Get in deeper! (Grab him by his butt and claw him with your nails)

12. When you touch my hair, I always get chills.

13. I’d like to see some magic tricks you can do with your fingers.

14.  Tonight, I’ll take care of you.

15. Your lips are so delicious that I can’t wait to taste them again.

16. You’re the best!

17. I love your looks.

18. Tonight, let’s let our hearts and bodies do the talking.

19. I want to take your clothes off!

20. I thought about you all day today, and it was hot.

21. I know you’re in charge of the bedroom most of the time, but I’d like to tie you up.

22. Would it be okay if I cooked for you while I was naked?

23. Let’s have lunch together. I want you to touch me in the car.

24. I don’t have any clothes on.

25. I’ve been longing for your touch all day.

Dirty Things You Can Say To a Man To Turn Him on

You don’t have to play it safe all the time. Instead, use these naughty quotes about the mind to justify a good spanking tonight.

1. I want to take you home with me and give you the pleasure you’ve never experienced before.

2. I don’t want to get out of bed at all today.

3. When we’re together, I lose all self-control.

4. Does it feel nice to you?

5. Those hands of yours feel fantastic.

6. Touch me there.

7. Every night with you feels like a dream, and tonight will be no exception.

8. Use me like a toy.

9. I just want more of you.

11. I feel like I’m going to collapse.

12. I love how you make me feel.

13. Let me suck your thumb, please.

14. I’ve been thinking about you all day and can’t wait to touch you again.

15. You fascinate me on every level, number 15. All I can do is think about you.

16. Getting you out of my mind and into my bed is want number sixteen.

17. I want to feel your heartbeat synchronized with mine tonight.

18. I can’t stop thinking about how cute we are as a couple.

19. Tonight, let our love set the world on fire.

20. Tell me where you want me to bite you.

21. Take off my clothes!

22. Tonight I’ll eat you for dinner!

Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

Dirty Things You Can Say To a Man To Turn Him on

1. I believe you could convince me to do anything with just a neck kiss.

2. I can’t wait to kiss you again when we’re together.

3. Tonight, let our love set the world on fire.

4. Next time I see you, you can count on me to strip you naked and throw you on the bed.

5. I enjoy it so much when your tender lips brush against mine.

6. I wish I was in your bed right now.

7. Let’s create a symphony of our heartbeats and whispers tonight.

8. If you want to know my surprise, you’ll have to strip me.

9. I’m not usually a screamer, but I think you can change that.

10. I’m starving, but not for food.

11. Let’s make tonight a testament to our everlasting love.

12. It took everything in me not to rip off your clothes because you looked so adorable today.

13. Every time you touch me I get so wet, I just can’t help it.

14. I can always count on you to brighten up my day.

15. The stars tonight won’t shine as brightly as the passion in our eyes.

16. I can’t believe my good fortune in meeting a man like you.

16. Go do the one thing you’ve always wanted to do with me.

18. After experiencing how great you are, I just can’t stop.

Remember, communication and consent are vital in any relationship. It’s always a good idea to ensure both you and your partner are comfortable with any messaging or actions. Enjoy your special moments together!

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Extremely Flirty Text Messages To Send A Guy

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